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Vitamins and phytoestrogens from plant sources

Vitamins and phytoestrogens from plant sources

Plant secondary products possess many functions in plant metabolism as well as in human nutrition. For the activity assessment of plant vitamins and of phenolic compounds with phytoestrogenic activity, exact identification and measurements are a prerequisite.

Many fruits and vegetables and further crop plants are analysed for their vitamin and phenolic compound content. Methods for extraction and stabilisation of compounds are defined.

Plant active compounds are enriched, and bio-availability is enhanced by appropriate treatments. Plant phenolic compounds with phytoestrogens activity are evaluated in receptor assays. Antioxidative activity of phenolic compounds is assessed.

• Faculty of Pharmacy of Martin Luther University - Prof. Dr. Reinhard Neubert
• Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Faculty of Process and systems engineering, Institute of appliance and environmental technology - Prof. Dr. Lothar Mörl

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