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A glimpse at the labs

This page is currently under heavy construction and does not show all our instruments right now...

The technical equipment of our workgroup comprises mainly systems that are used for the analysis and isolation of natural products. We also have the equipment needed for microbiological and cell culture work. Additionally, many other tools and methods are available and ready to use in cooperating workgroups around the campus.

Equipment for natural product analysis and isolation

analytical High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Thermo UltiMate-300 with autosampler, column oven, diode array detector, evaporative light scattering detector (not on the picture), and analytical fraction collector

Merck Hitachi LaChromwith autosampler, diode array, fluorescence, and refractive index detectors

VWR Hitachi LaChrom Elite with autosampler and diode array detector

preparative chromatography

Preparative chromatography system from Gilson with liquid handler  (autosampler and fraction collector), pumps, column switching valves, diode array and light scattering detector (not on the picture) and a liquid-liquid chromatograph (CPC; Centrifugal Partition  Chromatograph); used for HPLC, FC, LLC

other analytical, preparative, and general lab equipment

HPTLC-Automated Multiple Development: AMD-2, CAMAG; Linomat IV, CAMAG

TECAN infinite F200 Pro, for adsorption and fluorescence measurements

Vacuum centrifuge Genevac EZ-II elite

additional vacuum centrifuges

RVC 2-18 and RVC 2-25 from Christ

Rotary evaporators from Heidolph and Büchi

Evaporator Syncore Polyvap from Büchi

Freeze-dryer Alpha 1-2LD plus and Christ LMC-1 + Gamma 1-20 from Christ


e.g.: Ultra-Centrifuge Sorvall RC-5B Refrigerated Superspeed Centrifuge, Du Pont Instruments

Water processing TKA GenPure, TKA GmbH


Microbiological cabinets

Autoclave Varioklav Typ 500, H+P Labortechnik UM 500, Memmert

Climate chambers B 6060 Heraeus Instruments

incubation shaker innOva 4230

Photo bioreactors for the cultivation of cyanobacteria (CellDeg HD10 und HD100)