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Nico Ortlieb

Nico has successfully defended his work on July 1st 2019.

Research Group Pharmacognosy
Institute of Pharmacy
Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

Auf der Morgenstelle 28
D-72076 Tübingen

Tel. +49 7071 29 74624

Academic research

PhD thesis:

My aim is the identification and characterization of (new) antiinfective natural products from actinomycetes. This is not limited only to antibacterial substances, but also involves substances that inhibit the virulence of pathogenic bacteria, e.g. S. aureus.
With the help of a medium-throughput screening system, several interesting strains could be identified within the Tübinger strain collection.
Subsequently, I optimize the production as well as the extraction conditions for the respective strains. For the bioactivity-guided isolation of the active substances, various chromatographic methods (HPLC, MPLC) are used. The final structure elucidation is conducted with the help of diverse analytical techniques (HRMS, NMR, VCD spectroscopy, polarimetry, etc.).


  • HIPS Symposium 2016: Actinobacteria - a source for antivirulence leads?
  • JNPC 2016: Screening of actinobacteria for inhibition of quorum sensing of Chromobacterium violaceum CV026 and Staphylococcus aureus PC322
  • VAAM Workshop 2016: Actinobacteria and cyanobacteria as sources for quorum sensing inhibitors
  • MiCom 2017: Screening of actinobacteria for new antivirulence leads against Chromobacterium violaceum CV026 and Staphylococcus aureus PC322


  • Ortlieb, N., Klenk, E., Kulik, A., Niedermeyer, T.H.J. 2021. Development of an agar-plug cultivation system for bioactivity assays of actinomycete strain collections. PLOS ONE, accepted.
  • Kirchner, N., Cano-Prieto, C., Schulz-Fincke, A., Gütschow, M, Ortlieb, N., Moschny, J., Niedermeyer, T.H.J.,  Horak, J., Lämmerhofer, M, Van der Voort, M, Raaijmakers, J. , Gross,  H. 2021. Discovery of Thanafactin A, a Linear Proline-Containing  Octa-Lipopeptide from Pseudomonas sp. SH-C52, Motivated by Genome  Mining. J Nat Prod, 84: 101–109   .
  • Ortlieb, N., Bretzel, K., Kulik, A., Haas, J., Lüdeke, S., Keilhofer, N., Schrey, S. D., Gross, H., Niedermeyer, T.H.J. 2018. Xanthocidin derivatives from the endophytic Streptomyces sp. AcE210 provide insight into the xanthocidin biosynthesis. ChemBioChem, 19:2472-2480.    
  • Ortlieb, N., Keilhofer, N., Schrey, S.D., Gross, H., Niedermeyer, T.H.J. 2018. Draft Genome Sequence of the Xanthocidin-Producing Strain Streptomyces sp. AcE210, isolated from a root nodule of Alnus glutinosa (L.). Microbiol Resour Announc, 7:e01190-18.   
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