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Julia Moschny

Research Group Pharmacognosy
Institute of Pharmacy
Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

Room 702
Hoher Weg 8
D-06120 Halle/Saale

Tel. +49 345 55 22 644

Academic research

PhD thesis:

My daily lab work mainly comprises analytical techniques, e.g. HPLC and mass spectrometry for the identification and structural characterization of microcystins, as well as preparative chromatographic techniques for the isolation of microcystins. I introduce new functionalities into microcystins by exploiting the biosynthesis machiney of the cyanobacteria or by simple and quick chemical reactions. Subsequently, I screen the new microcystin congeners for their activity against different cancer cell lines. I also work on tagging microcystins with various markers in order to study their biological properties e.g. by electron and fluorescence microscopy, and proteomics.


  • Kirchner, N., Cano-Prieto, C., Schulz-Fincke, A., Gütschow, M, Ortlieb, N., Moschny, J., Niedermeyer, T.H.J.,  Horak, J., Lämmerhofer, M, Van der Voort, M, Raaijmakers, J. , Gross,  H. 2021. Discovery of Thanafactin A, a Linear Proline-Containing  Octa-Lipopeptide from Pseudomonas sp. SH-C52, Motivated by Genome  Mining. J Nat Prod, 84: 101–109   .
  • Moschny, J., Lorenzen, W., Hilfer, A., Eckenstaler, R., Jahns, S., Enke, H., Enke, D., Schneider, P., Benndorf, R., Niedermeyer, T.H.J. 2020. Precursor-Directed Biosynthesis and Fluorescence Labeling of Clickable Microcystins. J Nat Prod, 83: 1960-1970   .
  • Kossack, R., Breinlinger, S., Nguyen, T.; Moschny, J.; Straetener, J.; Berscheid, A.; Brötz- Oesterhelt, H.; Enke, H.; Schirmeister, T.; Niedermeyer, T.H.J. 2020. Nostotrebin 6 Related Cyclopentenediones and δ-Lactones with  Broad Activity Spectrum Isolated from the Cultivation Medium of the  Cyanobacterium Nostoc sp. CBT1153. J Nat Prod, 83: 392-400   .


  • 64th Annual Meeting of GA and 9th Joint Natural Product Conference 2016, Copenhagen,  “Development of microcystin derivatives as novel agents against OATP1B3-expressing tumors”
  • Biology of Bacteria Producing Natural Products; International VAAM-Workshop 2017, Tübingen, “New approaches to handle old compounds -the generation of microcystinderivatives with “clickable” features”


  • Niedermeyer, T.H.J., Enke, H., Kramer, D., Moschny, J.,  Lorenzen,  W., Jahns, S. 2017. Method for Modifying Microcystins and  Nodularins. Appl. number  EP17170184.8
  • Niedermeyer, T.H.J., Enke, H., Kramer, D., Moschny, J.,  Lorenzen, W., Jahns, S. 2017. Modified Microcystins and Nodularins.  Appl. number EP17170183.0

Teaching at the Institute of Pharmacy:

Supervision of practical courses (practical lab work, seminar)

  • „Pharmaceutical Biology II“