Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

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Steffen Breinlinger

Research Group Pharnacognosy
Institute of Pharmacy
Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

Room 703
Hoher Weg 8
D-06120 Halle/Saale

Tel. +49 345 55 25 128

Academic research

PhD thesis:


  • "Hunting down the Eagle Killer - Investigations into the Novel Cyanotoxin Causing Avian Vacuolar Myelinopathy" at the 31. Irseer Naturstofftage of the DECHEMA.
    Awarded wit the prize for the best poster! :-)


  • Kossack, R., Breinlinger, S., Nguyen, T.; Moschny, J.; Straetener, J.; Berscheid, A.; Brötz-Oesterhelt, H.; Enke, H.; Schirmeister, T.; Niedermeyer, T.H.J. 2020. Nostotrebin 6 Related Cyclopentenediones and δ-Lactones with  Broad Activity Spectrum Isolated from the Cultivation Medium of the  Cyanobacterium Nostoc sp. CBT1153. J Nat Prod, 83: 392-400   .
  • Chilczuk, T., Steinborn, C., Breinlinger, S., Zimmermann-Klemd, A.M., Huber, R., Enke, H., Enke, D., Niedermeyer, T.H.J., Gründemann, C. 2020. Hapalindoles from the Cyanobacterium Hapalosiphon sp. Inhibit T Cell Proliferation. Planta Med 2020, 86: 96-103   .

Teaching at the Institute of Pharmacy

Supervision of practical courses (practical lab work, seminar)

  • „Pharmaceutical Biology I“
  • „Pharmaceutical BiologyII“
  • Botanical Excursions