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The research spectrum of the group Pharmacognosy offers many opportunities for the first steps into the field of science. Equally, broadening of experience in scientific concepts and methods is offered. Many collaborations with other institutes and projects allow to thoroughly learn about other areas of science and to produce optimal results.

Unsolicited applications for diploma, bachelor and masters theses are welcome at any time.

There currently are no funded open positions for PhD Students or Postdocs. However, if you burn for natural product chemistry and want to work in this field in my group, please do not hesitate to contact me. We could e.g. try to apply for a stipend to get your research funded.


Please send enquiries , and make sure you attach your CV and write me about your motivation - please shortly describe why you are interested in specializing in natural product chemistry. Please do not start your email with "Dear  Professor" or similar; use my name ("Dear Prof. Niedermeyer") to show  you have read my homepage... ;-) I ask for your understanding that I  will not answer emails adressed to "Dear Professor", or that state "I  have read some of your publications" without indicating which ones and  why you liked them.

The current research focus of the group is natural product chemistry. Please do not send an unsolicited application for a Postdoc position if you do not have  any significant experience in the fields of natural product chemistry  (isolation and structure elucidation of secondary metabolites) or natural product bioactivity characterization.

As we currently do not have any open positions, your should be prepared to apply for own  funding. Please sketch how you want  to apply for funding - take e.g. a look at this website    to get an impression about where you could apply for funding. Also, send a one- to two-paragraph  research sketch to give me an impression what you would like to work on. Most importantly, if you want to work on you own materials (plant,  microbial), discuss how you plan to apply for approval by your local  competent authorities (confirming with the Nagoya Protocol).

If  you do so, I will see that a) you have an own research idea you want to  follow, b) you are willing to put some effort into applying for funding,  and c) that you have read this website - nothing is worse than semi-anonymous  mass emailing for positions... ;-) I ask for your understanding that I  will not reply to emails not fulfilling these requirements.