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In the group Pharmacognosy, we deal with the isolation, structure elucidation and bioactivity characterization of natural products from bacteria, fungi, and plants. We investigate the functions of these substances for the producing organisms as well as their potential use as lead substances for the development of new drugs.

Selection of current projects

Hunting down the Eagle Killer - Investigating the cause of AVM

Cyanobacteria are infamous for their production of toxins such as e.g. the microcystins, saxitoxins, and anatoxins. In this project, we are studying a novel cyanotoxin, aetokthonotoxin, with high ecotoxicological importance.

Microcystins as lead structures for anti-cancer drugs

Microcystins are well known cyanobacterial toxins. In this project we develop novel compounds that are based on the microcystin core structure and show toxicity that is targeted against certain cancer types (antibody-drug conjugates).

Natural product producing endophytes

Plants are not "sterile" organisms, but host a plethora of fungal and bacterial endophytes. In several projects, we research natural product based interactions between plants and their endophytes.

Antiinfectives from Moroccan Actinomycetes

Actinomycetes are important producers of antiinfective natural products. In this project, together with our Moroccan collaboration partners we will study actinomycetes from Moroccan habitats for the production of novel natural products with activity against multi-resistant pathogens.