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Method Development

Structure elucidation of natural products

The isolation of natural products in amounts sufficient for a complete structure elucidation can be time and resource consuming. We work on methods that allow a miniaturization and thus speed-up of this process. At the moment, we place our focus on the technique "microED". MicroED  is an electron microscopy based new method that can potentially be used to determine the structure of minute amounts of a chemical.

Past Projects

Software Development for Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry and Computer Assisted Structure Elucidation (CASE) are powerful tools to aid in the structure elucidation of natural products. We have contributed to the development of the software mMass    to aid in the interpretation of tandem mass spectra of peptides.

The software is especially suitable for the analysis of data from non-ribosomal linear and cyclic peptides. It can also be used to interpret the data from natural products with a mixed biosynthetic pathway (e.g. PKS/NRPS or glycopeptides), and also other polymers. Currently we are working on optimizing the software to further simplify the structure elucidation of these types of natural products.